Elisabeth Frieberg

Swedish painter Elisabeth Frieberg (b. 1977) finds an important part of her inspiration in nature and the landscapes she has experienced – be it Canada, New Mexico, Tuscany or Sörmland in Sweden, where she grew up. The atmospheres of these places enter her works through beaming, sensual colours extracted during plein-air sessions by means of colour charts on paper. Back in her Stockholm studio this is the material she works with as a source for her paintings. Further to the conceptual links to particular landscapes, Frieberg’s colours are often of symbolic relevance. Her impressions of nature merge with references of personal encounters and memories; sometimes they even become portraits of biblical or literary characters or the artist herself.


Dive, Heaven, Water, Hell, No. 2
Panorama, Tuscany
Skewed Lines, Macklin, Portrait
Blue Grid, God, Palm, Portrait
White, Black, Death, Gold (Left Hand)
Blue, Black, Gold, Osvald, Portrait
White, Black, Death, Gold
White, Black, Death, Gold (Center Beam)