Liliane Tomasko

For many years now, the work of Liliane Tomasko has been affected by an intensive investigation of dreams, the unconscious and the emotions. At the end of the 1990s, the artist created figurative, often melancholic paintings which explored dark spaces or curtained windows, often with a blurriness and an almost baroque handling of light, as if they were the subtle interiors of the inner. She also consistently explored the abandoned morning bed, with its furrows and imprints of nocturnal life. Whereas those works approached their subject by means of her immediate surroundings, as well as the metaphors of the bed and of absence, in recent years the painting of Tomasko has become abstract.


The Only Thing That Shines
We Sleep Where We Fall
Dirty Linen.
October 31, 2020
October 18, 2020
Hold on to Yourself: 5/23/2020