Wenn Pfauen Flügel Öffnen, 13 MAR – 24 JUL 2022

Leiko Ikemura: Fuji-Face, 2012, terracotta, glazed, and in the background Genesis III, 2014, tempera on jute. Photo: Alexander Voss

Leiko Ikemura's solo exhibition 'Wenn Pfauen Flügel öffnen' takes us on a journey of more than 40 years of artistic practice, giving us a wide sample of the material and visual richness that encompasses the two cultural worlds in which the artist's work has evolved.

Leiko Ikemura: Bird Column, 2011, bronze, patinated; Courtesy of the artist and KEWENIG Berlin. Photo: Alexander Voss

From bronze and terracotta to glass and canvas, this exhibition gives us a glimpse into the cosmogonic world inhabited by mysterious beings, most of them coming from the cultural exploration of the Japanese artist. 

In the long creative period, there is always a coherent connection and development, certain themes such as nature, man, animal beings, plants, trees are recurrent themes. At the same time, I move freely in the various media, so that always opens up new terrain and research area.

- Leiko Ikemura

The exhibition initiated by the Herbert Gerisch-Stiftung will be on view until 24 July 2022.