Bernardi Roig at Videotage, Hong Kong
Bernardi Roig. The cinematographic construction of the place, curated by Susana Sanz
6 September - 4 October 2019

The filmmaker is a celluloid architect. The cinema creates places that tell us about its builder, its visual universe and the human mind. In Bernardí Roig's films there are baroque halls, geometric structures, abandoned factories but there is also the desert. These are places evoked and activated by the artist from fragments of his cinematic memory. These infernal and labyrinthine places constructed with images borrowed from the cinematic imaginary mean looking out into the darkest of the mind, the madness of horror and human reason that are so many times the same.

Bernardi Roig. The cinematographic construction of the place presents for the first time in Asia a careful selection of the work of the Spanish artist Bernardi Roig in the field of moving images, delving into the use of cinematographic grammar to build an evocative place, a universe that refers to the work of great filmmakers like Alain Resnais or Luis Buñuel, among others. 

Bernardi Roig at The Parkview Museum, Singapore
Curated by Lorand Hegyi, Art Director of the Parkview Museum Singapore and Beijing
27 June 2019 - 8 February 2020

The exhibition 'Disturbing Narratives' witnesses empathy, sensibility, imaginative richness and radically freed phantasy, with which the artists of our days are approaching on the unlimited complexity of life and history. They don’t tell us anecdotes, they are not “story-tellers” but they create poetically powerful, deeply touching, often enigmatic, mysterious, dramatic metaphors, which reveal the disturbing perspectives and frightening darkness behind the surface of normality. At the same time the artist’s works manifest hope and empathy, the liberating power of consciousness of the “real”, the enthusiastic value of the truth. In this sense, all the unusual and disturbing images, all the surprising, strange, extremely vivid, almost aggressive, burning and torturing, profoundly de-stabilizing moments and irritating shapes of improbability and uncertainty work like liberation, they take us back to ourselves, show us hidden roads, which are directing us to the “real”. 

Among the participating artists are Anya Belyat-Giunta, Candice Breitz, Erro, Andrea Fogli, Chen Chie-Jen, Kendell Geers, Gary Hill, William Kentdrige, Urs Lüthi, Andrei Molookin, Herman Nitsch, Orlan, Bernardi Roig, Rosemarie Trockel, Sandra Vásquez de la Horra…

Kimsooja at opening event of Salon Suisse, Palazzo Trevisan Degli Ulivi, Venice
Salon Suisse: S L O W
11 May

Kimsooja's video work "A Needle Woman, Tokyo" (1999) is screened at Salon Suisse, a collateral event of the Swiss Pavilion at the 58th Biennale di Venezia.

Entitled "s l o w", the exhibition at Palazzo Trevisan Degli Ulivi explores the slowness that is intrinsic to the rhythm of creation and the concept of "slow art", emerged in the 1990s. Through a participatory programme based on an interdisciplinary approach, "s l o w" fosters resonance, proximity and conviviality.

This year's Salon Suisse has been curated by Céline Eidenbenz, together with Victoria Mühlig and Anja Radomirovic.

Boltanski's memorial at the World Heritage site Völklingen Ironworks, Saarbrücken, Germany​
Christian Boltanski: The forced laborers - Site of remembrance in the Völklinger Hütte
1 November 2018

Christian Boltanski created a memorial dedicated to the people subjected to forced labor in the mines, huts and factories of the Saarland region during the Second World War. His memorial is installed in the Völklingen Ironworks, declared as a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1994. 

Boltanski's memorial intends to keep alive the memory of more than 12.000 people from different nations, who were brought to the Völklinger Hütte to work under discriminatory and inhuman conditions, causing the death of more than 260 foreign laborers. His installation, 'Die Zwangsarbeiter - Erinnerungsort in der Völklinger Hütte', represents an archive of memories, a room filled with countless archive boxes and a pile of black used clothes at its center.  Accompanied by sound, the whispered names of the forced laborers resound from all corners of the room. In the 800 square meter ore shed of the Völklinger Hütte, Christian Boltanski has further grouped 91 lockers from all parts of the Ironworks site into a large installation, out of which spoken memories of former ironworkers reverberate. 

Boltanski's work is a continuous confrontation with the cruelties of the last century. The Holocaust, the passage of time, the human attempt to forget and to be forgotten, but also his own past and childhood, are central themes of the artist's work.

Sean Scully awarded honorary doctorate from Newcastle University
The ceremony will take place 13 July at Newcastle University
13 July 2018
Christian Boltanski receives an honorary doctorate from the University of Bologna
The ceremony will take place on Friday, 11 May at 4.30 pm in the Aula Magna die Santa Lucia
11 May 2018
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