Marcelo Viquez at Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Málaga, Málaga, Spain

ESPACIO 5, 30 APR – 30 JUN 2024

Marcelo Viquez' creations are deeply influenced by his aspirations, life experiences, and unfulfilled desires, offering a poignant reflection of society through his unique perspective. Boldness permeates Viquez's aesthetic, echoing his background as a drummer in the punk rock band ‘Prenatal,’ which serves as the foundation for his works 'Downtempo' and 'Cómo meter cuatro guitarras en un estuche de guitarras,' both created in 2019.

'Downtempo' draws its title from a style of electronic music rooted in chill-out, a genre characterized by its relaxed ambiance—a stark departure from the music originating from Viquez and his band. In the opening scene of the video, a percussion box is depicted, emitting a sharp, dry sound upon being struck by a drumstick. This is followed by a static shot focusing on a foot operating the pedal of a bass drum.Alternating between these contrasting frames, Viquez constructs a primal rhythmic foundation where high and low tones intertwine seamlessly, devoid of any variation in tempo or texture.

'Cómo meter cuatro guitarras en un estuche de guitarras', 2029

Marcelo Viquez, 'Cómo meter cuatro guitarras en un estuche de guitarras', 2019

In "Cómo meter cuatro guitarras en un estuche de guitarras" (2019), we witness a guitar case lying open on the floor against a concrete wall, with the artist himself vigorously smashing Spanish guitars against it. This initial action results in the complete dismemberment of the instruments, leaving only the toughest and most resilient fragments intact.

The subsequent phase involves manually breaking down the larger pieces to fit them into the case, followed by the use of a hand-held electric saw to further divide the sturdiest sections. The culmination is a jumble of guitar fragments crammed inside the case, rendering it impossible to close, as the artist exits the frame.

This piece serves as a metaphor for a common method employed in various aspects of society, such as the economy, healthcare, or education. It involves the relentless breaking, dismemberment, and fragmentation of objects or systems until they are unrecognizable, all in pursuit of occupying a predetermined space, regardless of the outcome.

Marcelo Viquez, 'Sin título (Cuatro guitarras en un estuche)', 2019