Kimsooja at Bienalsur - Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Nomad, 15 Sep – 21 Nov 2021

Kimsooja at Bienalsur

The local and the global, uniqueness and diversity come together in Bienalsur which aims to establish a global network of collaboration by linking five continents and their artists, venues and audiences.

Kimsooja, 'Cities on the Move – 2727 km Bottari Truck', 1997–2001

Credits: Kimsooja, 'Bottari Truck - Migrateurs', 2007–2009, film still; Kimsooja, 'Cities on the Move – 2727 km Bottari Truck', 1997–2001, film still. All works © Kimsooja

Curated by Diana B. Wechsler, this solo show gathers performance photography and several bottari. Based on a Korean tradition, the bottari lays at the core of Kimsooja’s work as a symbol of both the world and migration. As part of Bienalsur 2021, the exhibition focuses on the nomadic aspects in the artist’s life and work.

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