Giovanni Anselmo, Kimsooja, Jannis Kounellis and Mario Merz at Herning Museum of Contemporary Art, Denmark

Socle du Monde Biennale, starting 12 Jun 2021

Herning Museum of Contemporary Art

Entitled 'Welcome Back My Friends to the Show That Never Ends', this is the 8th edition of the oldest Danish biennial, which was established in 2002. This edition reflects upon past, present and future through the lenses of more 58 international artists.  

Kimsooja, 'Archive of Mind', 2016

Kimsooja’s 'Archive of Mind' (2016) is a participatory installation that invites the viewers to form small clay balls which are then left to dry on an elliptical wooden table and to accumulate for the duration of the exhibition. The making of clay spheres is conceived by Kimsooja as a conceptual and meditative practice and the work thus incorporates one of the artist’s most crucial concerns of transmitting the power of stillness and contemplation. Being provided with visual, auditory and tactile stimulation, the participants immerse into a meditative space while focusing on their own action.

Kimsooja, 'Archive of Mind', 2016

Kimsooja, 'Archive of Mind', 2016, participatory site specific installation consisting of clay balls, 19 m elliptical wooden table, and sound performance 'Unfolding Sphere', 2016. Exhibition views of Kimsooja, 'Archive of Mind', MMCA – National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, 2016 © Kimsooja. Courtesy MMCA.

Mario Merz’s Fibonacci series is based on a mathematical sequence in which each number consists in the sum of the two previous ones –  starting from 0 and 1 – that reflects growth. Characteristic of Merz, the work materialises an abstract concept through neon figures that embody the exponential possibilities that exist in nature. 

Mario Merz, Fibonacci

Exhibition view, Mario Merz, Albero Grande Solitario, Kewenig, Frechen, 1996 © Fondazione Mario Merz.

The exhibition is curated by Bruno Corá, Holger Reenberg, Lotte Korshøj, René Schmidt, Sara Duborg Døssing and Tijs Visser. 

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