Kimsooja, Cities on the Move, 1998-2001

Korean conceptual artist Kimsooja (born Soo-ja Kim in Daegu, 1957) has chosen to combine her name into one word as an anarchistic action. By not separating her family name and her first name, the action evades gender and marital status in the Korean context.

For more than thirty years, Kimsooja has dedicated her oeuvre, in which she uses a vast variety of media, to the themes of migration, cosmopolitanism and transculturalism. Since the beginning of her artistic career in the 1990s, she has lived a nomadic life – constantly travelling between continents – which became a major theme in her creative process. The artist investigates the concept of home, locating it not as fixed to one particular place, but rather as mutable and subject to continuous fluctuations.


Deductive Object
Cities on the Move - 11633 km Bottari Truck (Bottaris Closeup)
Encounter - Looking into Sewing
To Breathe: Mandala
Deductive Object: (Un)fold
Deductive Object: (Un)fold
Deductive Object
Deductive Object
A Laundry Woman
Bottari Truck - Migrateurs
To Breathe - A Mirror Woman
An Album: Havana
An Album: Hudson Guild