Bernardi Roig at Videotage, Hong Kong

The cinematographic construction of the place, 6 Sep – 4 Oct 2019

Bernardi Roig, Wittgenstein House (Vienna), 2018

The filmmaker is a celluloid architect. The cinema creates places that tell us about its builder, its visual universe and the human mind. In Bernardí Roig's films there are baroque halls, geometric structures, abandoned factories but there is also the desert.

Bernardi Roig, Wittgenstein House (Vienna), 2018

These are places evoked and activated by the artist from fragments of his cinematic memory. These infernal and labyrinthine places constructed with images borrowed from the cinematic imaginary mean looking out into the darkest of the mind, the madness of horror and human reason that are so many times the same.

Bernardi Roig. The cinematographic construction of the place presents for the first time in Asia a careful selection of the work of the Spanish artist Bernardi Roig in the field of moving images, delving into the use of cinematographic grammar to build an evocative place, a universe that refers to the work of great filmmakers like Alain Resnais or Luis Buñuel, among others. 

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