Bernardi Roig

Bernardi Roig, Walking on Faces, 2012

Bernardí Roig is one of Spain’s most recognized artists. While drawing is the foundation of his multidisciplinary practice, he also uses video, sculpture and photography to create powerful and expressive images that oftentimes allude to mythology, theatre, cinema and literature. Captured in dramatic and theatrical scenarios, the human figure is always at the centre of his work. While recurring physiognomies mostly derive from the artist’s immediate environment, they serve as vehicles for the thematization of social issues such as historical memory and identity.


Der Italiener (The cow)
Walking on faces
Practices to catch the time. (Vol. II)
Fauno in love (the installation)
Crushing Exercises
Sperma Infinitum
Piero della Francesca (Balcony)
Absent Father
Joie de vivre
Practice to suck the light