Leiko Ikemura at Sainsbury Centre, Norwich, England

Usagi in Wonderland, 18 Jul – 12 Dec 2021

For her first solo exhibition in the UK, Leiko Ikemura presents 50 works from the last 30 years of her career, including a selection of paintings, sculptures, drawings and photographs. The exhibition focuses on the interconnection between nature, animal and human – a theme that Ikemura approaches with sensitivity.

My message is a visual and sensual one, so the viewer could feel it’s very open to interpretation… The exhibition is not just about the works but making space so people can breathe and be with art.

- Leiko Ikemura

Among other mythical creatures the ‘Usagi' (Japanese for rabbit) is one of Ikemura’s most famous and frequently used motifs. Throughout different cultures the animal symbolises fertility and renewal. Ikemura’s large scale bronze sculpture ’Usagi Kannon’ (Rabbit Bodhisattva of Mercy) invites visitors to seek shelter within its wide robe.

The exhibition coincides with the Japan-UK Season of Culture and is a collaboration with the Sainsbury Institute. Find out more on the Sainsbury Centre's website.