His paintings, drawings, and performative works show Ted Stamm's (1944-1984) constant engagement with the environment of his time and his tireless experimental approach. He developed a minimalist visual language that often appears strictly geometric and simple, but at the same time occupies large spaces of freedom. His iconic works and cross-media conceptual approaches have influenced a wide range of artists of his time and the generation that followed. 

I am interested in making a work which is read as a totality in its situation and remains confrontational by perceiving its nature and installational effects upon the actual exhibition space. This is achieved as described. The installation insures the implied extension of the works elements and implies a relational weight to the floor. These works have maintained their frontality and the inherent materials of painting (support, canvas, paint), because it is here where I feel my research can extend the language and possibilities of painting.

- Ted Stamm

This new monograph on the work of Ted Stamm is the most comprehensive ever published. Drawing on essays by Tiffany Bell, Christine Mehring, Jeffrey Saletnik, and Andrew Wasserman, among others, it explores the artist's series of works and artistic language. Released by KEWENIG on the occasion of Ted Stamm's solo exhibition, this book thus provides a deep insight into his extensive and multi-layered oeuvre.

248 pages, hardcover
English and German
Hatje Cantz, Berlin 2023
49.00 € (incl. 7% VAT)
ISBN: 978-3-7757-5507-8