Leiko Ikemura at Skulpturenpark Schwante, Oberkrämer

Sculpture & Nature, opening 4 Jun 2021

Leiko Ikemura at Skulpturenpark Schwante, Oberkrämer

Leiko Ikemura’s ‘Usagi Greeting’ is one of 23 outdoor sculptures in the new season’s exhibition at Skulpturenpark Schwante, which engages with the surroundings of the castle’s park.

The sculpture park offers public tours every Saturday at 2pm.

Usagi means rabbit in Japanese. This two-faced hare figure invites us to welcome its world and is also like a sovereign Buddha figure, turning in on itself yet open to the universe. It prays and offers protection. In the West, it could be the Madonna of Protection. The work offers various possibilities for association and an ambiguity for those seeking meaning. The installation in the garden gives the work a prominent position for people to come closer and linger. Therefore, the plinth has been designed with architectural influence and a seating area. (…)

- Leiko Ikemura