S P E L L O F T H E W O O D, 2 JUL - 20 AUG 2022

For her solo exhibition at Highlanes Gallery, Liliane Tomasko is presenting two new large, frieze-like wall paintings, together with a series of 22 oil-stick paperworks, alongside the earlier floor piece 'Magic Carpet' from 2016, and two large paintings.

The Swiss painter has titled the exhibition ‘Spell of the Wood’, referring to the painting by the Irish artist Nano Reid (1900 - 1981), where a sleeping body is depicted in nature. The topic of ‚sleep’ and ‚dream‘ creates a clear connection to the work of Tomasko that is characterised by an intensive investigation of dreams, the unconscious and emotions. 

Tomasko’s works derive their vitality from the tension between the figurative initiation and the painterly result of the various phases of her inner investigation of the nocturnal life that remains so hidden from us: 

The subconscious, what is it? Where does it reside? Is it inside of us? What shape can we imagine it to have? For sure it must be found somewhere below a surface, this surface, the one that makes up our visible, tangible reality, with all the things in it that we apprehend, that we feel and touch. Yet we know that there is something other, a dark matter which shapes our lives and our actions, our interactions with the world in which we live. Every night we are given the opportunity to submerge and connect with that which we know to be there, but eludes our need to define and name, to take possession of it, to bring it to the communal realm which we all share. The subconscious is, to say the least, a shifty beast, and it does not want to be reasoned with, or conquered, but wants us to acknowledge its existence, and to listen to its song, to engage with it and give it a voice. With all the fires that are raging in the world, do we not urgently need to address the question of self, of who and what we are?

- Liliane Tomasko