(UN)FOLDING BOTTARI, 25 OCT 2023 – 19 FEB 2024

This exhibition unfolds Kimsooja's Bottari, a concept spanning from her earlier sewn pieces to her most recent works: 'Deductive Object: Bottari', 2023, in which the artist conceptualises the the Korean traditional Moonjars as a Bottari, in collaborating with historical Meissen Porcelain Manufacture.

Kimsooja, 'Bottari', 2017. Photo by Pierre Adenis

Kimsooja, 'Geometry of Body', 2013/2016. Photo by Pierre Adenis

'Deductive Object-Bottari', 2023 and 'One Breath', 2004/2016. Photo by Pierre Adenis

Kimsooja, 'Sewing into Soil', 2023, Meissen Porcelain. Photo by Pierre Adenis

Bottari is a daily life object not only in Korea but a universal object: when we carry or when we have an urgency, or when we move, or when we have to escape from danger or any violence. Also in Korea, there is a word "wrapping the bundle" that means a woman leaves her home to pursue her own life. Bottari has different connotations.

- Kimsooja

Kimsooja, 'Bottari', 2017 and 'Sewing into Walking' 1994. Phot by Pierre Adenis

Kimsooja, To Breathe: Mandala & Mandala: Zone of Zero with Bodhisattva, 2010. Photo by Pierre Adenis

The films 'Thread Routes – Chapter I, II, III' uncover the structural continuity between textile, architecture, nature, agriculture, and gender relations through the framework of a non-narrative documentary, plunging the viewer into the realm of poetry and visual anthropology. The artist first conceived this series in 2002 after visiting Brugge and experiencing the process of lace making.

Kimsooja, Thread Routes, Chapter I, II, III (2010–2012). Photo by Pierre Adenis

Curatorial team: Keumhwa Kim (guest curator), Kerstin Pinther, Uta Rahman-Steinert and Emma Shu-hui Lin

An exhibition of the Collaborative Museum (CoMuse) and in cooperation with the Staatliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Meissen.