Liliane Tomasko at Museo MATE, Lima, Peru

Caja de sueños, 25 Nov 2018 – 27 Jan 2019

The first exhibition of Liliane Tomasko in South America, 'Caja de Sueños' presents six paintings and a mural. The artist drew from her experience of the Nazca lines to create this unique installation.


Tomasko traveled to southern Peru to visit the Nazca Lines for the first time. Drawn to them by their mysterious nature and sheer scale, she first encountered them in the late 90s at an exhibition at the Rietberg Museum in Zürich. Since then, she has felt an ever-growing longing to see them in the flesh – to walk along them as those who created them once did. This dream came to life when, guided by an archeologist, Tomasko walked the Bogotalla Lines in the Ingenio district of Nazca, an experience that later developed into a mural installation. Executed in masking tape, the mural is both an echo of the ancient ground drawings and a record of Tomasko’s pathway through the desert ground.

I wanted to recreate them on the wall of the gallery space where my paintings are installed, like a matrix that holds them in place, and a homage to the lines that have brought me and my works to Lima.

- Liliane Tomasko

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