Liliane Tomasko at Edward Hopper House Museum & Study Center, NY, United States

Evening Wind, 1 APR - 24 Jul 2022

A Nightmare, 2019. © Liliane Tomasko

Titled after Edward Hopper’s etching from 1921, which shows a naked woman kneeling on the edge of a bed, blown by the night wind that moves the curtain, this exhibition examines the subject of the rumpled bed, the topics of sleep and dream. The bed in Hopper’s work is a recurrent metaphor, just as it is for Tomasko (b.1967, Zurich), who has explored the abandoned morning bed, with its furrows and imprints of nocturnal life, throughout her artistic development. 

APRIL 18 ELEMENTAL, 2021. © Liliane Tomasko

Into sleep, we descend night after night–our bodies at rest as a part of us travel into the darkness of the altered state of consciousness that is sleep. Above, in the waking reality, we play out our lives, acting out our respective stories in a physical universe we are apt at manipulating but nonetheless have very limited knowledge of

- Liliane Tomasko

The Bed, 2014. © Liliane Tomasko

'Studio Talk & Visit with Liliane Tomasko & Sean Scully’. Moderated by Phong Bui (Brookly Rail artistic director)

Curated by Faye Fleming, ‘Evening Wind’ gathers forty abstract pieces by the Swiss artist, that span twenty years of her investigations of sleep, dreams, and the unconscious.