29 Apr 2023 - 10 Jun 2023

For the first time, KEWENIG is dedicating a solo exhibition to the Indian artist Astha Butail at pied-à-terre. Her works are based on ideas that are shaped by an examination of oral tradition and the custom of sharing and passing on of knowledge. It is about myths and philosophies of different cultures, about their history and transmission up to the present day. Butail’s research is the basis for an artistic realisation in a remarkable range of different media: drawing, assemblage, object art and sculpture, performance and interactive installations and video works.

Installation views




Half Desire Half Faith
Of Martand (Part 2, Diptych)
Ongoing Conversations with the Sky 20, Night before and Day after the Red Moon Sky
Stretch out in the Light as though you Lay Sretched on the Sand in the Sun 02 (A Story within a Story)
Twin Sisters, Night and Dawn ("Usha and Ratri")
A Circular Relationship

Astha Butail

Half Desire Half Faith
Half Desire Half Faith
Half Desire Half Faith, 2022
Acrylic on Archival Paper, thread, MDF frame
40.64 x 167.64 cm

KEWENIG's pied-à-terre is a vibrant space with a dynamic programme that offers a diverse contribution to the presentation and communication of art. pied-à-terre is an innovative field where young artists will experiment, and art-historically significant positions can be experienced anew. It is the place for a vivid dialogue between art and interested public.

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Mommsenstr. 4
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