4 Mar 2023 - 15 Apr 2023

In his painted imagery, Hendrik Krawen examines phenomena that affect society and the individual – it is about consumption, globalisation and contemporary history. Painting is the main focus of his work, mostly executed in oil and always with great precision, meticulous in detail, with a clear, precise pictorial structure. At the same time, his focus is always on the graphic. Krawen’s characters, geometric shapes and figures take on a value that goes beyond their original function in everyday life, but also beyond in graphic design.

Installation views


die Sonne und der Mond (die Zwei Nr.3)
~ (title tbc)
‚die Hoffnung‘ (à la Münchhausen)
er und ER
Du und Ich

Hendrik Krawen

~ (title tbc)
~ (title tbc), 2023
Mixed media
81 x 49 cm

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