Pavel Pepperstein

18 Nov 2023 - 16 Dec 2023

In the vibrant pulsating heart of the art world, collective dinners serve as a vital lifeblood. These are no ordinary meals, but grand affairs, often swarming with a kaleidoscope of characters. They are the celebratory feasts that toast the openings of exhibitions, the convivial gatherings that accompany the bustling art fairs, and the memorable occasions that mark significant events in the realm of contemporary art.

Installation views

Pavel Pepperstein, DinnersPavel Pepperstein, DinnersPavel Pepperstein, DinnersPavel Pepperstein, DinnersPavel Pepperstein, Dinners


Artist Kusama and her friends at a dinner dedicated to an exhibition of Japanese art and design in Las Vegas 1979
Dinner in honour of one uncompromising artist in one small gallery in Rome
Vladimir Lenin delivers a speech at a dinner dedicated to the opening of Malevich's exhibition at the State Tretyakov Gallery in the year 1922
Andy Warhol converses with Josef Beuys at a dinner organised on the occasion of the opening of their joint exhibition in Naples in the year 1977
A selebratory dinner dedicated to the opening of Jeff Koons and Cicciolina's exhibition "Made in Heaven"
A ceremonial dinner-banquet in selebration of the conduct of Sotheby's auction house sales in Moscow in the year 1988
Dinner for philosophers-collectors in The City Museum of Halle, 1922
Dinner on the occasion of Damien Hirst's retrospective exhibition at the Birmingham Museum of Contemporary Art, 2017
Dinner for especially important persons, coinciding with the opening of Matthew Barney's exhibition in Museum of Modern Art Sacramento (California, USA), 2001

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