Elger Esser

21 Jun 2012 - 8 Jun 2012

Elger Esser, Ondinas

Esser was born in Stuttgart in 1967 and grew up in Rome. For his exhibition at the Galería Kewenig, he has chosen photographic works with a water motif. In peaceful views of river landscapes, sea coasts as well as urban views, water recurs as a motif throughout Elger Esser's oeuvre. His interest in historical landscapes bundles the tonality of colours and the sfumato of humid air, lending him the reputation of the romantic among photographers of the Düsseldorf School. He transfigures the views into the medium of photography, while at the same time preserving reminiscences from the history of art such as painted Italian vedute, German romantic painters and pioneers of French landscape photography from the period around 1900.

Installation views

Elger Esser, OndinasElger Esser, OndinasElger Esser, OndinasElger Esser, Ondinas


13 Île Sainte Marguerite
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Undine VIII (series of 75 works, series I – IX)
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