Giorgio Griffa
'Tempo infinito e nontempo'

4 Feb 2022 - 2 Apr 2022

KEWENIG is presenting the first solo exhibition of Giorgio Griffa (*1936 in Turin, Italy) with luminous colours on matte canvas, with rhythm and with space-encompassing arrangements of paintings. The exhibition includes works done by the Italian painter from the early 1970s until today. This presentation seeks to direct attention towards an artist who, ever since the 1960s, has been conversant with the artistic discourse of his era and has developed a remarkable painterly position.

Installation views



Eliot Waste Land
Trittico giallo
Quaranta tele
Veloce lento
La sinistra la destra
Coperto scoperto
Esterno interno
Tre linee con arabesco n° 1317
Tre linee con arabesco n° 827