Heinz Ackermans
Semana Santa

9 Apr 2017 - 1 Jun 2017

Hein Ackermans, Semana Santa

Heinz Ackermans confronts sculpture as a work of results that often surprises the artist himself. Expressionist in the way of leaving his mark on every piece, as with the treatment of a figure, who somehow, appears distorted, undefined or, somehow with part of her left to the whims of fate, Ackermans, in his most recent work, approaches Semana Santa (“Holy Week”, the title of his exhibition in the Oratory of Sant Feliu) through religious imagery, sometimes explicit and at other times hidden, but always evocative. He also does it by means of using wax as the main material for the creation of sculptures that appear strange, full of mystery and that seem to reject the classic concept of beauty, of mere beauty, chasing it and congratulating it on the accident, on the unexpected, as a way to interrogate the actual artist and the spectator.