Astha Butail

Astha Butail (b. 1977 in Amritsar, India) pursues an approach that is shaped by examining traditions of sharing and passing on knowledge. Her work is about myths and philosophies from different cultures, about their history and how they are nurtured up to the present day. Butail’s research provides the basis for her art, translating it into a remarkably broad spectrum of different media – into drawings, assemblages, object art, performance and interactive installations.


Of Martand (Part 2, Diptych)
Half Desire Half Faith
Threaded Together by Memory Sounds
They Like to Listen to Him and He Likes to Sing to Them
Ongoing Conversations with the Sky 20, Night before and Day after the Red Moon Sky
Twin Sisters, Night and Dawn ("Usha and Ratri")
Stretch out in the Light as though you Lay Sretched on the Sand in the Sun 02 (A Story within a Story)
Threaded Together by Memory Sounds
A Circular Relationship
Book of Night II
Cloud messengers from the quarters of silence