Peter Wüthrich

Since the 1990s, Swiss artist Peter Wüthrich (b. 1962) has been using books as material. Books appeal to him through their aesthetics qualities and the haptics of the covers or individual pages, but also because of the literary content, which goes beyond the purely informative. By creating objects, sculptures, wall and room installations, Wüthrich turns the versatility of this source material into formally very different works, with which he creates profound and playful connections.

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Stratification littéraire
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Cactus succulentus littéraire
Les dents de la mer
Autour de la lune

Peter Wüthrich

Les dents de la mer
Les dents de la mer, 2012
composition of book-butterflies cut outs from book covers on book cover print, framed
130 x 90 x 7 cm