Reza Farkhondeh & Ghada Amer

Reza Farkhondeh & Ghada Amer, Landed, 2018

Reza Farkhondeh is an American-Iranian artist living and working in New York City and Paris. He is known for his widespread artistic practice ranging from videos and short films to drawings and paintings. Farkhondeh’s early oil painting consist of a series of ‘99-cent, Made in China’ plastic objects, mostly toys such as glittering cars, airplanes and boats, soldiers, guns and wildlife. These human-height-scaled paintings cover the most iconic images of Western popular culture, but as these objects were initially designed and produced in Western countries, Farkhondeh questions the notion of originality in culture in the age of globalization. Since 2001, using different materials like fabric, masking tape, glue and gel, acrylic and watercolour, Farkhondeh has been working on the subject of broken and repaired landscapes, including interior ones that the artist seeks to save and mend. Farkhondeh also works with texts that examine the evolution of our social, political and cultural societies.


Tears and Happiness
El Amor de la Rosa Roja
The Gardens Next Door B
Un Quart B
We are Tired of Wars
Blue Window
Miss Indulgent
Mutual Consent
Black Butterflies
In Grey and Gold