Ghada Amer

American artist Ghada Amer, born in 1963 in Egypt, lives and works in New York City. Amer has made a name for herself with multi-layered embroidered depictions of female sexuality on canvas. Closely linked to an aesthetic language reminiscent of specific crafts traditionally associated with women, her works question established power structures and gender stereotypes. In many of her works, Amer makes use of writing, mostly extracted from texts by feminist activists. Using images of confident, tantalising, self-gratifying women in postures and positions suggested by the porn industry, the artist questions the boundaries between nudity and pornography and thus opposes institutionalised sexism. This also includes the obliteration of women from Western art history. Having experienced an art world dominated by white men ever since her MFA studies, painting and creating her own pictorial language has become an act of rebellion.


Portrait of Charlotte
Portrait of Kamilah
La Géante
The Black Sculpture
Spring Time in Jalisco
Chapala Nights
Landscape with Black Mountains - RFGA
Earthy Kiss
Paravent Avec Amour
Mexican Thought with Yellow
Alejandro and the Yellow Dot
Desert Road with a Red Line
The Blue Bra Girls