Bert De Beul

15 Sep 2011 - 12 Nov 2011

Bert De Beul

Bert de Beul was born in Gent in 1961 and lives and works currently in Antwerp. His canvases show still-lifes, landscapes, city views and persons. For their representation the artist doesn’t choose particularly picturesque frames or theatrical effects. By sketching his impressions, Bert de Beul chooses exclusively details and fragments, strong chiaroscuro and vague outlines. The perspective’s subjectivity becomes accentuated thanks to the spatial closeness in which the artist depicts his environment. Simultaneously he evokes the ephemeral fainting of an unreachable veil. The purpose of the artist consist of puzzling the oberservers by representing these fragments of reality that recall forgotten memories.

Installation views

Bert De BeulBert De Beul


Untitled (ILA  230 704)
Untitled (GAI 402 0510)
Untitled (ILB 120 701)
Untitled (IS 170 808)
Untitled (IS 210 809)
Untitled (IAI 130 702)
Untitled (IA 230 705)
Untitled (IBI 308 070)
Untitled (IL 150 703)
Untitled (GAS 205 0960)
Untitled (GI120 2065)
Untitled (IB 270 706)