Elisabeth Frieberg
Bat Seba

24 Mar 2018 - 30 Jun 2018

KEWENIG is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition in Spain of the artist Elisabeth Frieberg (*1977, Sweden) at the gallery's location in Palma de Mallorca, the 13th century chapel, Sant Feliu Oratory, opening 24 March on the occasion of Art Palma Brunch.

This exhibition takes its name from one of the two key paintings in the show, "Bat Seba, No. 4", which seems to have been created especially for the Oratory. The biblical love story between Bathsheba and King David, rewritten and extended in "Bat Seba" (1984) by the Swedish author Torgny Lindgren (1938 – 2017), provoked clear images of the two protagonists for Frieberg, leading to the two large abstract portraits "Bat Seba, No. 4" and "King David", around which eight other works revolve. The space and layout of the chapel play a very important role for the artist, as if the presentation of her work is a performance.

Installation views

Elisabeth Frieberg, Bat SebaElisabeth Frieberg, Bat SebaElisabeth Frieberg, Bat SebaElisabeth Frieberg, Bat SebaElisabeth Frieberg, Bat Seba


Space, Rhythm, Speed, God, Black, No. 2
Blue, Gold, Rain, No. 4
Bat Seba, No. 4
King David
Blue Grid, God, Johan
Blue, Gold, Sun
High, Muff, Gold, Black, Portrait
Blue, God, Sleeping, Portrait
King David, Portrait
Skewed Lines, Blue, Gold, Portrait

Elisabeth Frieberg

Bat Seba, No. 4
Bat Seba, No. 4, 2017
Oil on linen
265 x 200 cm