11 Nov 2022 - 14 Jan 2023

Sound in art, whether in its presence or in its absence, whether as an immersive component, within earshot during beholding or just in imagination - the investigation of this phenomenon was already a guiding idea of the exhibition Paracusia: Of Sounds & Visions, curated by David Dorrell for KEWENIG. With Paracusia: Remix, a modified approach to this theme will now be made: Through a new arrangement of artistic positions, surprising references are created anew and dialogues are made possible, which thereby focus on aspects of cultural history and perception that are as different as the artworks themselves.

Installation views


Zimbel Zen
Porträts. Teil VIII (diverse)
Threaded Together by Memory Sounds
The Missing Musician
Le château impossible
When the Lights Go Out
Work on Felt (Variation 29) Purple
Work on Felt (Variation 21) Dark Blue
One Breath
Blue Note

Rebecca Horn

Zimbel Zen
Zimbel Zen, 2006
Shell, steel, Tibetan cymbals, leather, motor, electronic device
50 x 25 x 35 cm