11 Nov 2023 - 21 Dec 2023

Painterly depictions of reality and illusion are presented by William Tillyer (*1938) in a challenging contrast with materials and spatial references. In the Englishman's first solo exhibition in Germany, paintings, watercolours and objects from the 1970s onwards can be seen. Strong colours in acrylic and complex structures that determine the surfaces and grid constructions give his works textures that juxtapose nature and technology, with quotations from still lifes or landscape references.

Installation views


Pleasure and Duty / Chambre Noir – Hardware Variations on a Theme of Encounter
The Blue Vase with Mixed Arrangement
Vase and Arrangement 1
The House of Karl Gustav
Studio Shelf with Circle 27
The Frobisher Paintings: Oranges on a Plate
Fallingwater Variation 12
Ingleby Bank Autumm
The Frobisher Watercolours
Proscenium Vase
Packing to Avoid the Threat of Nothingness – The Farrago Constructs
Three Green Studio Shelves – The Mulgrave Tensil Wire Works
Interior with Two Ebony Screens

William Tillyer

Interior with Two Ebony Screens
Interior with Two Ebony Screens, 1997
Acrylic on canvas with panel
45.7 x 38.1 cm