Bernd Koberling at the MKM Küppersmühle, Duisburg, Germany (group show)

Insights, 11 Jun – 22 Aug 2021

Bernd Koberling painting

Bernd Koberling’s oil painting 'Herbstgesicht' from 1994 is part of the current group exhibition 'Insights'‚ at MKM Küppersmühle, Duisburg. The show gathers around 90 works from the National-Bank’s collection to celebrate the bank’s 100th anniversary. A main focus of the collection is on artists with a connection to the Rhineland region or to the Düsseldorf Academy of Art such as Joseph Beuys, Imi Knoebel, A.R. Penck or Katharina Sieverding.

Credits: Bernd Koberling, Herbstgesicht, 1994, oil on canvas, 240 x 290 cm. © Bernd Koberling. Exhibition view at 'Einblicke – Kunst aus der National-Bank' MKM Museum Küppersmühle, Duisburg, 2021. Photo by Georg Lukas