Bernd Koberling
Wir Inseln
297 Aquarelle und 7 große Bilder

28 Apr 2022 - 16 Jul 2022

The new paintings by Bernd Koberling, neither figurative nor entirely abstract, are intense, unusually eventful works. It quickly becomes clear what they are about, and what is happening here: in the painting, with the painting, with one’s own eye and one’s own inner perception. This perceptual process is capable of guiding the viewer’s gaze through numerous lines, planes, heights and depths in order to discover what was previously invisible.

Installation views



Wir Inseln No. 1 (Sonnengrund I)
Wir Inseln No. 3
Wir Inseln No. 2
Wir Inseln (p.149)
Wir Inseln (p.120)
Wir Inseln (p.252)
Wir Inseln (p.86)
Wir Inseln (p.174)
Wir Inseln (p.218)