Art Düsseldorf 2024

11 Apr 2024 - 14 Apr 2024

Featured artists

Ghada Amer

Astha Butail

Johanna Dumet

Christian Boltanski

Bernd Koberling

Bertrand Lavier

Pavel Pepperstein

Miroslav Tichý

A.R. Penck

Marcelo Viquez

Peter Wüthrich


Yellow and White Plate
o.T. (Schale mit Selbstportrait)
o.T. (Schale)
Untitled (Three Women and a Baby)
Untitled (Woman with Sewing Machine)
Untitled (Standing Woman)
Joker with Red Boots
Joker with Marotte
Joker with Cards
A Circular Relationship
Sin título (4 guitarras en un estuche)
Ohne Titel
Senza titolo
Mascaret with Sunset
le Chapus