Viktor Pivovarov

Viktor Pivovaron, To My Mother, 2005

Viktor Pivovarov (b. 1937 in Moscow) is one of the leading figures of the group of Moscow Conceptualists who began working in the 1960s and 1970s. Like his artist colleagues Ilya Kabakov and Erik Bulatov, Pivovarov was also active in his early years as an illustrator of children’s books, predominantly as a means of earning a living and distancing himself from the official Soviet art apparatus. He was thus free to create a fantastical world of images, within which he enjoyed the greatest possible freedom of artistic expression.

Institutional exhibitions


To Milena
To Vika
Big Hat
To Magdalena
And this is how it's always...
To Seva and Natasha
Lost Game
The Body

Viktor Pivovarov

To Magdalena
To Magdalena, 2005
Oil on canvas
65 x 90 cm