Bertrand Lavier

2 May 2014 - 26 Jul 2014

Bertrand Lavier is one of the most inventive and influential French artists of his generation. Since the 1970s he dealt conceptually with the notion of reality and its representations and later on broached the issue of the relationship between art and reality, investigating the mechanisms that can transform daily objects or borrowed elements from art history and pop culture into art. Lavier got well known for blurring the line between painting and sculpture by thickly coating everyday objects with acrylic paint – be it a fridge, furniture or a piano – and thus turning these still operating and clearly identifiable objects into artworks. His "objets peints" which he created since the early 1980s are always Janus-faced - their double identity refers both to the painted image of an object as well as to its real identity. They show an ongoing reflection on the basics of painting and short-circuit stereotypes in connection with painting. Similarily, with his assembled pieces, in which Lavier combines industrial objects like a fridge with a Ferrari car wing to a new entity, he provokes questions about artistic creation, its media and authorship.

Installation views


Walt Disney Productions 1947 - 2014, No. 7
Walt Disney Productions 1947 - 2014, No. 8
La Bocca | Bosch
Husqvarna / Art déco
Black Adder II
Avenue de Ségur
Walt Disney Productions 1947 - 2014, No. 9