26 Apr 2024 - 29 Jun 2024

In this exhibition, Xiella (el peso de todo) marks the starting point of a seafaring adventure. From room to room, as Ghada Amer, Christian Boltanski, Cabrita, Jose Dávila, Elger Esser, Jannis Kounellis, Hendrik Krawen, Martin Mlecko and Peter Wüthrich explore the arcane nature of the ocean with its dividing and unifying forces. 

Installation views

Jose Dávila, Xiella (el peso de todo), 2024Jannis Kounellis, Albatros, 19991/2001Elger Esser, Dieppe, 2007Peter Wüthrich, Horizonte, 200 Martin Mlecko, Die sieben Weltmeere, 2001/2003Cabrita_Os desenhos da maré baixa_2019Cabrita_Os desenhos da maré baixa_2019Ghada AmerHendrik Krawen, Jebel Musa, 2022  Jannis Kounellis, Albatros, 2001


304 Trouville
Die sieben Weltmeere
White Shell For Charly
Adiós Mi Jesus
Sculpture in Blue and Yellow
Os desenhos da maré baixa #11
Os desenhos da maré baixa #12
Os desenhos da maré baixa #13
Jebel Musa
Atlantic / Vers.II
T. rave man

Hendrik Krawen

Atlantic / Vers.II
Atlantic / Vers.II, 2007
Oil on nettle
60 x 100 cm