Bert de Beul

Bert de Beul (b. 1961) is a Belgian painter from Ghent, who lives and works in Antwerp. Since the mid-1980s, he has created a very coherent body of work that questions the meaning of images. His paintings consist of figurative depictions of everyday life based on pre-existing photographs mostly taken by himself, or coming from books and magazines. De Beul only shows a detail of the original picture, placing the most random element at the centre of his composition – such as a pile of books, a kitchen sink or road signs.

Institutional exhibitions


Untitled (IBI 308 070)
Untitled (IB 270 706)
Untitled (CS 120 87)
Untitled (IL 150 703)
Untitled (IAI 130 702)
Untitled (IS 210 809)

Bert de Beul

Untitled (IB 270 706)
Untitled (IB 270 706), 2011
Oil on canvas
62 x 74 cm