25 Jan 2018 - 17 Mar 2018

Après, Christian Boltanski

KEWENIG is pleased to present "Après", bringing together the artists Christian Boltanski, Bertrand Lavier and Angelika Markul in the Sant Feliu Oratory.

In this exhibition time and memory are questioned as a form of survival, challenged by the awakening of memory and the struggle against time. Marcel Proust, in In Search of Lost Time, contemplates deeply oblivion and the alteration of the notion of time. Hence the idea that the state of things does not only belong to the present. These three artists, Boltanski, Lavier and Markul based in Paris, somehow reclaim this rumination in Après. They play with the notion of time, transplanting the past into the present, moving between the line of reality and the artistic, courting with the idea of death to give life.

Installation views

Après, Christian Boltanski, Bertrand Lavier, Angelika MarkulAprès, Christian BoltanskiAprès, Christian BoltanskiAprès, Bertrand LavierAprès, Angelika MarkulAprès, Christian Boltanski



Christian Boltanski

Monument, 1986
10 colour photographs and 1 black and white photograph, frames, bulbs and cables
96 x 46 cm